If: Questions for the Soul, in Support of Hope for the Day

Sportsman's Club

Tuesday July 31, 2018
6:00 PM


Moon Rise teamed up with Health Inspires Beauty to bring awareness and open a conversation about mental health and suicide prevention. A panel discussion led by local talent Ashley Tribble brought people from all ages and backgrounds into an open, engaging atmosphere to speak about these ever-present issues. 


Hope for the Day is a Chicago-based NFP that advocates active suicide prevention and mental health awareness through community building and education. They empower all walks of life to take action in caring for your own state of mental health and those around you.


Reached goal. 

Through an open discussion on individual and collective experiences dealing with suicide, Moon Rise was able to bring awareness to different mental health issues, give exposure, and guide people towards resources like Hope for the Day, who are taking major strides to prevent suicide completion rates. We also raised funds to support HTFD through a small but thoughtful raffle with prizes focused on self care and mental health. 


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